Thursday, April 21, 2016

Shutting down of the old Bee Bliss Garden

Two years back due to health reasons we had to shut down the gardens. The hens found new homes, and the bunnies new a new family. I opened my hands and let go. I will always treasure the years in bliss out in my garden. The many hours of study and knowledge shared here in hope that it was not for nought. May you all find joy in your gardens.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moon Phase Planting

Today Waning Crescent
Feb 21 New Moon
Feb 29 First Quarter
Mar 8 Full
Mar 14 Last Quarter 

2012 Spring Garden is now in process

This year will be so wonderful. The garden will once again come to life. After last years knee replacement surgery the soil and I are now both well rested.

Today we finally were able to make the investment into our fruit trees.

After extensive research we came up the solution to a small yard. We found a tri-apple tree on mmm111 dwarf stock. The three types are Anna/Dorsett/Gravenstein. We purchased two trees and they will also self pollinate.
distance between rows MM.111  14-18ft
           FRUIT               WOOLLY
           BEARING   CROWN     APPLE     FIRE      BURR

MM.111       4-6     Medium    High      Low       Low 
Under the Apple Tree I will plant Nasturtium it climbs tree and repels codling moth. 
Next we bought a dwarf Eureka Lemon
Height: 10'-15' at maturity
Two Southern High Bush Blueberries
mature height at 6'
 Tomato plants of four types 
 Bush beans of Contender and French filet both heirloom varieties. 
sunflower mammoth (near cucumbers)
parsly ( by the tomato, roses)
sweet pea

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It is time to get your above ground inside seeds

November 2 is First Quarter Moon Time to plant above ground with inside seeds.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It is time to get your annuals planted

Between now and November 2nd get those beautiful flowers in. Remember to pay attention to sun/shade needs. Sit out with a cup of tea and watch where the shine is. Shade lovers to the north of the house close up. Sun lovers farther out away from the shade line. Like wise to the south of your house Sun lovers close up and those that like shade way out by the fence line.

It is the way of the compose to watch for the best places to plant.
Have fun!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

South Western United States Fall Flowers at 1200 ft.

This was the site I built last year before it was planted.

In the garden in-spite of the limp.

Oh so sweet to feel sun upon my back. It has been a very long stint without soil under my nails. It is a delight to see moist soil ready and waiting. All the hard work in the flower bed out front paid off this fall. Having had a total knee transplant two months ago hard work is out of the equation at present. Know that a rake was my simple tool. Preparation on the earth was ease this morning and the seeds are all-but jumping into 'safe harbor' to flourish in the coming rains.
The hard work of creating/setting the site in the very beginning of gardening is what makes an estate a gardeners delight. Especially when the land has had a rest the elements have melded into each other. It now becomes the turn of the gardener to be more relaxed of task.
Oh the simple joy of tossing seed on well prepaired ground.
The flowers of spring are now ready to 'fall' into the earth to begin life a-new.

Plant above ground inside seed until     10/11/11
Plant per-annuals annuals and bulbs 10/1/11 thru  10/19/11

Does my heart such good to come home to garden

Thursday, June 30, 2011


the garden is still now only the rosemary remains
in the fall a new knee will bring the hope of ease
these next months to plan the crop
the garden is still
even the chickens prefer the lawn and the shade of the wall
summer here
the garden goes into a coma until fall