Friday, March 25, 2011

propagating a fern

 My sweet old fern was just busting at the root with rhizomes.
It could not even take a drink.
 Upturning the pot one can see why.
The roots were so tangled and full of little future ferns.
 Slowly and purposefully each root got untangled and stripped of its little jewels.

 Each and every root was carefully drawn through my fingers as the bulbs snapped off to the ground below.
 With dry roots the processes was accelerated.
At one point I thought to cut the root ball into two, no chance.
 Potential ferns.
 My reference gave little detail on the process of doing this.
Following instincts, trusting the process the roots were then transplanted into other pots.
Circling the pot and covering only and inch or two.
 The other old fellow will get the chance once my husband pulls the huge pot from the garden.

From the beige pot above to the huge old black garden pot.
The root ball filled it up!
My sweet lonely lab approved
He misses his Rena Girl (our Golden Retriever) she passed away earlier this month.