Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Water spicket is now at proper height

Leave your garden with a sweet lovin husband who wants to give you the moon.
See what he did for me.
Now with the knee issues and the spinal stinosis I have a hard time bending down every day to the spicket. Additionally the water source was on the other side of the house and I have been dragging a hose.
He set up a bib on the side for the south extension and two one this side one for the soaked and another for the spray.
 My garden was designed along side the water main for the house.
Yes this was the dumbest way the builder set our main line but we made lemon aid out of that rotten fruit. Using the location to our advantage my husband tapped directly into the line and set up water to the garden. Now I no longer have that extra effort to extend and the ease that this will afford me will really make a daily difference. It will really save me a lot of time every morning too.
Look no bending and it is a perfectly easy reach with nothing blocking the access.

Oh this is just wonderful~