Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fall garden layout zone 8 or 9

Wow this was a real fun project!
I love to learn about the things I find most interesting.
Raising my own food is among the very best of my interests.

This year I am doing a garden extension. Actually bubbling the land to be used.
The left side is the existing site.
The far right will be the high nitrogen bed
boc choy

the low nitrogen in center with all the
onion and garlic

The salad beds near the gate

With table grapes on the arbor.

My fence will be straw bails until an affordable black wrote iron
some day!
This is the extension, and new entrance to the Bee Bliss Garden.
The blue ladder is a trellis my FILove gave to me recently.
My husband will have to wield it back together.
It stands 6 foot tall,the width as indicated on grid.
Grid is on 1ft scale.

Welcome to my new extended garden.
This is the entry a 4 ft wide space to conserve the aesthetic of space.

Two foot wide paths will be raised and the Raised beds (lowered).
I learned about using gravity to conserve water so It is my intention to set "raised beds" sown into the space and keep the existing walkways in tact.
We have a grass here called Bermuda. SIX foot deep roots!
So the boxes sunken will be secure from Bermuda.

Looking out of the existing garden.
The gate and the straw bails removed.
Water tank to my right hand in place of those bails set to the corner of the house.
Under the gutters eave.

The gutter will now become a rain catch.
I am going to be harvesting rain water.
This is the tank.
We have to remove the badder within it (it held high fructose syrup) .

We will drill and set a hose bib.
Place the tank on cinder blocks to make use of the gravity.
The whole tank cost only as much as the black skid does for new ones that are smaller.
I am so thrilled!
This has been my vision all along.
The tank will be surounded by trellis and planted over with vine flowers or veggies.

All that work...
I needed a snack.
First crop! YUM!

This mess needed to be removed.
I had a small clump of Bermuda in the garden! This will not due!
So by using a fork up turning the soil I took it (roots and all) out.

Preparing for the new bed layout.
After great study the new bed layout will utilize the sun, space and the Nitrogyn needs of each food group.

Part of staking out this site is to de-bug it. So to speak.
I see a flaw in design.
I am not one to be crowded out.
although the plants here will be low to the earth...

taking this back 1 foot is a nicer fit and a more relaxed work space.

The design of the new bed arrangement has been started here.

To the right will be
parsnip (makes the best chicken soup)
celery to the tight right corner where the wheel barrow is.

In the far back will be the tomato
bell peppers

In the new center row will be
At the far end center pole beans (they will shade the tomato)
corn with greens under them
foreground will have the peas on twigs set for climbing.