Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Outdoor Wedenesday

This morning the garden called may name loudly
With a pitiful "save me"!

Our heat has been over the top.
As have gone the rain clouds...over the top of our neighborhood and onto the next!
92* with 32% humidity got to me and after two hours I started to throw up...
Inside went I to a cool shower a glass of water then another of carrot juice and I sit here a limp rag of a gardener imagining that I am with you dear Southerners in the sweet cool of your fall.

Working under the gazebo The pile of debris into the tin barrel to clear up the ground.
This iron bed frame was free on craigs list.
It was around the tank but as I was taking the hose back to the main yard I fell into the gap in the earth where we removed some of the concrete and brick boarder.
I think It will get set here after all.
I need to keep my knee safer.
Oh I am alright a little sore from twisting it a bit I think it is alright.

After watering, working the mulch straw around the plants and finishing up the 8 foot of bed I did.
The umbrellas were set for the heat of the day.

All of the straw that was in the extension space is now moved under the wheel barrow.
It is decomposing and will continue to be put to good use.

Now that area is clear so The work on that South bed can commence.
The main extension bed is 3/4 full and well decomposed.
To plant toward the end of the month.

That silk tree so beautiful
Well when it was inside my home the Lab lifted leg on it and spoiled it.
Needless to say he is an outside dog now.
Well anyway it was a gift from my MILove
It will searve me well to keep the compost and the storage can disguised.
The left over two straw bails are a nice sitting spot to rest in the shade.

This had a big problem.
Bermuda way except poison to kill it...or perhaps I have a good idea here.

That 8 foot span is screened and till with horse manure, bone meal, humus, 10-10-10, composted straw. I watered it and then went back and used the hoe to turn it again.
summer squash is still alive...
The Lab broke the water bottle to the dog bowl...
idea...I filled it and as the soaked filled the bed the jar leaked more slowly to water there. I think in principle it will serve well as a feeder jar or for compost tea later.

zucchini to the right and the spaghetti squash to the left
Some cosmos may have survived.


Two lone bean plants survived

Two or three corn and a pea plant...

but the heat and drought got the better of my garden so far...
The earth is just to hot and I lost

a good $15. in seed to replace arg!

The soil temps matter more than anything the almanacs may tell you.

The straw pile moved it is much nicer out there.

I raked the grounds under the gazebo and had to call it a day or die.
Probably no joke for I got a bit of sun stroke this morning.

OH FOR FALL!!!!!!!!!