Sunday, November 22, 2009

Garden tour

 To the left hanging is spearmint, next to it is rosemary
below peas then beans to the right outer row.
Turnips to the left behind the peas
broccoli raab behind it then the pumpkin vine and the squash above it.
 zucchini and cucumber to the right
 the pan squash to the right.
Needs the tending for the powdery mildew is at issue

  Cucumber in the middle is not happy...must research what it is asking for.

 Pickling cucumber is happy.
Just like bumps on a pickle Marsha
 I turned around the carrot/radish/leek/parsnip bed is happy.
The kale at the end and a new batch of radish is started.
To the right the row of beans on the edge and the broccoli raab center, some rosemary for bees too.
farther right my first french marigold has smiled upon me.
the pumpkin vine given some Epsom salts today
 More beans to harvest.
 The winter onions are up, the radish here are called Easter egg for they are varied in color.

 I transplanted the other heirloom far back and the close tomato is a teardrop yellow that I got this week and transplanted into a larger pot. It is an heirloom and I found it at a Wal-mart of all places.
The broccoli here is slow it is in need of something?
I must do the research next week
the basil is happy

 I love the green!
far left cauliflower,Swiss card, shallots, spinach, flowers of narcissism and zinnia
far right green onions, black seed Simpson lettuce,  sage, borage,
back row left to right
dill, flowers above, beets,celery, bok choy, chives

 borage in cubes, romaine, cobb salad
scarlet runner beans
Heirloom brandy wine tomato, bell peppers green then orange
 green bell
 Check out the garden shed!
some store bough flowers that are stressed lobella  I think

well there you have it a few weeks in.

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  1. look at all that wonderful food. this is so exciting. my garden is growing and overgrown and neglected but alive and for this I am grateful but the only thing we really use from it is the basil of which there is an abundance. I need to learn how to plant what I eat and how to keep it going!!


Someone bless these seeds I sow...