Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Water harvesting first use! YA!

According to this the weather issues would of been avoided had I one of these little book. It tells better of when to plant here and even includes the moon phases.
A lot of work was done by me to study the phase of the moon for gardening. From now on I think that this will become a yearly tool.

close up of the Assembly for the tank spicket.
He set this up facing the ground as to keep me from being struck in my leg as I walk by it.

The bib is now set on the main tank
tip here a bit of Vaseline helped to cinch the parts no leak at the valve YA!!

I left the slow trickle for 5-7 minutes here.

start point
After 5-7 minutes and just the one set of squash the tank came down to the 200 liter mark.
After watering the pumpkin and the spaghetti squash.

So it looks like 150 liters is the usage for the things growing now..

It is so wonderful not to have to drag the hose around!

Over at the main bib we set up a 4 point bib (found it in the garden clearance $6.)and it will be wonderful!
The main hose will stay over on the harvesting tank
A new 50 ft. hose (got it for $7 ya! on clearance) will be used for the dogs water.
One for the compost, one for the hens and the other left open to keep for direct use.