Saturday, April 25, 2009

A humming bird moth landed on a stick Dash had

While in California waiting for the shuttle to Disneyland there was a humming bird moth had Daddy man pointed out to me. It then flew over to where Dash was by the water. He was playing with a stick and the moth landed on it. He called to us and was carrying it to show us. It flew off and we were all so overjoyed at the sight. He tried to gain it back , but nothing doing. At that point the moth was not so relaxed about it and flew off.
We all stood in a delightful wonder.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Funnies

Did you water your garden today
join us over here

I went on a garden tour

to reminisce with my old friends....

Garden tour after my vacation showed new life and some life lost.
Suppose that is how it is in this garden called life.

Several of the delphinium made it

My nasturtium were a bit sad upon my return.
The heat was a bit hard on them.
They are also seeding however the energy is extended to the seed this time of year.
These will adorn the west wall next season I think.
i have a good half cup of seed saved so far.

Although it looks as if the giant sunflowers did not make it through the absence this little fellow did. It is always the self planted ones who make it. They just know where they want to be.

Heirloom sweet pea had a bloom , the first one today.

The bird seed bushes are beginning to seed. The perfect flow of this is so divine. For the heat here is rising so fast that soon the birds will not have me so amenable to going out to fill the feeders for them. These seed in the heat of early summer. So cool how it takes care for itself.

My tree (a free self planted tree) is now coming into bloom.

I love these flowers!

The mystery bush is rising in height.
I am so looking forward to seeing the flowers it shows.
It is so cool how He planted him right there for me.
The plant I purchased and stuck in the earth was not happy there and eventually gave up the ghost.

The Mature old Iron wood is in full pollination...
Very messy!
It is this time of year that a love hate relationship begins with my old tree.
I love it and hate the mess.
Actually it is rather pretty, but it does cause issues.
He is such a beautiful old soul.
The nicest one on the block.

Gardening lesson one million two
Trellis first then seed!
Never plant tomatoes, beans or anything climbing unless you do the trellis first.
Do not listen to any other advice of "oh we will do it later"...
Do it first!

Into the vegetable garden...The garden gate needed a fix for the wire that hold this handle had to be re-twisted.
I love beads...

Strawberries are doing pretty well.

I added some ground up egg shell to the old "Black Russian" tomato.
He has come back strong with a few buds.

This heirloom purple bush bean gave it's first fruits upon my return.
This a happy reunion.
They turn green when cooked.

Due to a lack of nitrogen the cabbage failed.
but the chickens are eating it up and I will save some of the seed heads to try again.
Trying over and over is a good souls strong hold.
It is in the giving up that the battle is lost.

The onions stand proud and tall.
I am so impressed by them.
I do have one or two of the cabbage that has showed promise of a head in the next few months.
Carrots and garlic seam to get along.
I want to learn more about companion gardening.
Not the doing of it with a buddy so much...:}
It is the planting certain things together that are good supports to each other.
We all need good support.

These are the "blue Lake" green pole/vine green beans.
They too showed them self upon my return.
Amazing changes can happen in only 4 days.
A garden is a living thing, it will take on life, defend itself from it or be succumbed by it.

Moon and stars are happy.
I have some maintenance to review and perform about the pinching off of buds and such.
I have to find out the processes.

He is moving out to extend itself.

The back lettuce is not waiting to be noticed.
Hello! It is time for a good salad.
Menus need to be scheduled around here.

He had several leaves snipped over the weeks to enjoy on lunch sandwiches.
Now he wants to give a full salad.

I read that cutting off at the base will give new life and that it will begin again.
It will be interesting to see if it works.

so beautiful!

Spotted this little gift just outside the garden gate.

Wrap him up in a moist towel and refrigerate fast.
This butter lettuce is like it's name sake .
It just melts once picked.

I hope your refreshed as I was.
It is a good thing for my soul to take a walk with my old friends.
Reminisce in the quiet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saving Seed

Harvested April 12 th

Nasturtium in August (left)
Snap Dragons in September (center)
California Poppy in September (right)

These were placed in the garage to dry.
They snapped open and the seed fell into the box (and onto the garage floor).
Be sure you place them in a deeper box or paper bag.
Two weeks later....
Turned into the bag and shaken.
With care the seeds will all fall out of the pod.

Nothing is wasted.

I will plant these poppies in September

Black seed Simpson Lettuce
I inverted a bag (paper is much better).
Cut off flower heads and dry.
I will have to find a paper bag.
I have done so little grocery shopping that I have actually run out of bags, a first for me.

Flower heads are beginning to seed out in little puffs of snow.

This plant has feed us for three seasons off one seed.
Now the seed off of it will plant more.
Our lives are like this...toward good fruit or weed:)

Nothing is wasted!
The birds LOVED THIS!

Happy chickens.