Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Those mischievous gnomes!

Morning harvest
The reward of a mornings work.

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Hens a laying...

Borage in the lettuce bed. Lots of pollinators enjoying it.
This the east facing lettuce bed. I had to take this way back.
Clippings of the flowers are in a bucket of water.

Look at the size of that stalk!

Borage in the sun...
The Swiss chard, spinach, chive, brocolli are all thriving well.
As is the margeram and camomile's at the far end.

Looking toward the west side of the shed...
The bok choy in flower (for seed) is hiding behind the other borage that was trimmed after this shot.
The celery and the beets foreground.

Bok choy seed stalks, there are several plants still growing yet.
The broccoli it is now mostly gone to seed, save for a few heads left yet on side shoots.

This seed stalk healthy is harvested to dry for nest season.

Now this like to kill me. 
Yes folks those are the steel arbor sections you gave us. I saw this in my minds eye, suppose sometimes I ought not to pay attention to that minds eye but this time...well it is the cats meow
5 tomato plants here
 one heirloom brandiwine
2 yellow pear
100's a salad red
one beef steak for burgers in the summer

Now flowers over here will yield many good pollinators and lots of summer tomato.
Another borage

French marigold, seed pod heads in hand are hard to see.
Harvest to scatter this week.

Kale trimmed and carrots harvested left soil to till to plant the onions.

A few here and a few down on the other side of the kale.
now a little bit of blood meal and some nice light potting soil mixed in to my well composted earth...
Onions to harvest end of summer for the fall and winter months.

I got the hoses coiled and boy is my back tired from that one. One of the many skills gained in childhood working in the family gas station. I often got stuck with that job. Taught me well though.

This guy was laughing at me and causing mischief the whole time I am sure of it!
Noticed him as I was getting ready to close the work down.
Now how did those kids get up there?
The old braniwine heirloom made it through the winter. 
It was given a bit of Epsom salt and some bone meal to get the issues under control.

You see the other gnome?

this is broccoli raab seed almost ready to shell and store for next season.
Now I did this once had all of these folded after washing them. With some confusion over dew point thinking it was low temp to come one night I laid them out to cover. Now they will need attention again.

The tomato field got a good layer of chicken dung and pine shavings.

Well better get on with the day.
I have had a good 45 minute rest. 
Ye ha!