Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time to plant Root crop, bulbs and perennials Oct 23-30 Here in Az

He thought they were for him, at least a dog can hope

 The large center raised bed will be for carrots season.
We eat carrots every day.
The bed is fine tilde no rocks at all.
The depth of it is all so, it has been a big job.
 Tip here 
When planting carrot and parsley soak the seeds overnight
 cucumber and chive
 This an unexpected gift from compost.
I think it is a tomatoe plant. I never remove a self sewed plant.
I figure it liked it enough to grow there it must be a happy plant
 There are a few early buds on the cucumber.
Tip here NEVER touch a cucumber until your ready to pick it.
Funny plant that way, oh yes I learned the hard way :)
 The Radish is a little leggy. I think there is too much nitro in the soil.
This bed is against the South wall. Too much shade.
 If you look at the left corned. Another gift a little basil plant. 
I have been longing for fresh basil.
 The peas are being eaten by somebody.
This is the third replant.

 That 3 foot compost pile did real well in the summer heat.
It is almost all gone. I have yet to dig it in the far bed. Had a failed crop of Swiss chard.
Going to replant it and the kale next week.
The broccoli is doing well on the far right in image

 Strawberry pot still hold a little promise. I need to get a nice stepping stone for the bench corner. The cushions that I got will the money my dad left me are now on the bench. Water tank hold a fair amount.

 Once carrots were in the earth I just had to step back and admire that beautiful earth. Center row is the longest to harvest. Near the edge is the smaller ones. That way the kids can easily reach them when they are ready in 55 days or so.

Well get your root stocks in this week or you'll need to wait for another lunar cycle