Thursday, April 8, 2010

Planting by the phase of the moon April 2010

Last Quarter To New Moon: Do Not Plant

Full Moon To New Moon: Plow, Cultivate, weed and reap. 

New Moon April 14th

Harvesting poppy's

This is the second year that the investment of $4 into poppy seed has multiplies into glory!
This is what I get to see when walking out my front door. This morning my kids wanted to go to the bus stop on their own (just 5 houses down) so I had to go harvest the poppy of course to keep my eye on them so I know they are safe on the school bus.
The poppy having exploded with bloom now have many many seed pods that have matured. It is essential to continuous blooming to harvest off the pods. Now they are called poppy for a few good reasons. When you remove the pods they literally POP off. When the pods dry they actually do pop to disperse the seed. The seed does really pop out of the pod. As the pod dries it curls and then bursts.

It was so peaceful sitting there an hour listening to the music of the bees as they enjoyed to blooms. They are so calm and I feel calm around them. I was thinking about how folks are so scared of them. They are so beautiful and duty compels them to task. They tend the pollination we so need to sustain life here. Folks just go indiscriminately killing off the living things. One day like the si-fi movies , I wonder if they will just kill it all off.  No fresh harvests of fruits or vegetables no tree nuts or vines fruited. No olive trees for oil. May it never be in my grand children's life time. Fear God lest it might be in our own.
They sang to me working right along side of me. We worked peacefully together. No FEAR. Life is like that the fear all around us, waiting to see how we might respond to it...respect or destruction. Living with fear as a mentor. You see when the sun gets brighter on the flower the bees get very busy in that place, out of respect I move onto the flowers in the shade. They come to me and then move onto the places I am not. We have NO NEED to harm each other for we have mutual respect toward each other.

These are the pods, as they are harvested the plants are recharged to flower all the more for they no longer extend the energy making seed.

First of many harvests.
There is 3-4 pounds of pods = perhaps 1/4 cup of tiny poppy seed.
Think the little black seed you so often see on bread.
Now I can plant these this fall or bake with them.
However be warned that if your employer drug tests it could show a positive for opiate if you bake with poppy or even purchase breads with poppies on them. We have never had to have such labs but I have heard tales of such woes.