Saturday, November 6, 2010

Planting today all day

After all the work the last week or two on the soil preparations today was the big day. Over 21 things went into the soil. The list on side bar is the total so far. Mostly.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Morning in the garden

 The gnomes turned their back to me when the realized that the rest of the seeds can't go in until after the 5th. I told them it is time to tend the things in and get the earth ready for those to come. Looks like that free plant at the foreground right hand might be a tomato. Nice it will make fine salad with the cucumber next to it. Again that south bed is a bit of a miff to all of us too ( the gnomes and I) It is just not friendly. The PH needs to be tested and trouble shot. Me thinks too much nitro. The radish is just not performing. Had to cover the carrot. Seems a cat likes me till. Some cayenne will be a cure once I can get to the herb shop. It is cheaper there than the grocery.
 This end of center bed had yet to be amended  and turned. This week another task to tend too.
 The french marigold is happy. As is the broccoli in the back right.
 Well after sitting a spell they came to terms with the work ahead and decided to give me a break. As long as I keep at it. Least they could do is offer a little help digging that earth up. After reasting a while in the cool of the shade a humming bird came to visit a while.

 Well after a second go at it this bed will be ready at weeks end.
It was planted prematurely. The compost had not been added and it was taken for granted that it would not need it. However each year we must add compost to keep this clay soil even.
So by weeks end chard and kale will go in again.
All the clods broken down now, tomorrow it will get a good watering from the raid tank.

Another day in the garden and the soil on my hands is a reminder that we are all conected.
The coop was cleaned today as well and the compost will yet continue to grow.
It was 3 feet tall and now is only a little left.
And the circle of life turns, turns, turns.