Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Desert heat takes a tole on the garden

Here in this heat the strawberries are wishing to take a cruse...
poor things... It just swelters at 111* dry heat.
Thank God it is not a humid heat for me but the plants dry fast!

Poor little purple beans have played so hard they just done wore them selves out.
That sun is just a torture until way late in the afternoon.
It is around 3:30 here in this image

Those faithful berries!
We harvested three of them a little treat for each of us.

The green beens have not been impressive this year. Nest year I will order an inoculant for they just did not thrive this year.

Pulled a handful of small carrots. These troubadours are still fighting the good fight in this heat!
They are not suppose to do well in the heat?

The guest squash is bearing two large butternut.
I still have a little left of the first one!
Harvested last Thursday
That is the cabbage beside it.

Melons seem slow going or perhaps I am just excited to try them.

Summer makes the sad garden thirsty

Girls are pretty thirst too.
We have added a water to the mix so now they have two of them.