Friday, April 3, 2009

Bloom Where your planted

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Easter is hopping near this week
With all that is Holy Remembered with a reverent joy.
This bush was self planted by the wind, it is and Indian Paint brush.
The Iris are tired they had a great show this year.

The Iris were a gift many years ago when we had just moved here.
I had a friend once who had a small farm down south of us. She has long ago disappeared and the farm sold to housing development.
I was helping her one day as our kids played.
She was needing a home for the Iris.
I adopted them.
They are just this year well established
The front of the estate as many wild gifts that have blown in.
I was too tired of body and soul to plant when the kids were small and we had first moved in here.
My 11 year old yas a young developmentally delayed child who needed all of me for many years.
She became congruent, and then she became a big sister at 3 yrs of age.
The Master knew I needed divine intervention.

Over the years these sweet little desert wild flowers have spread out and thrive on there own.

During those tired years there have been many gifts to the yard.
The most memorable was a mass of sunflowers large and small that came up out on the East side.
They were a birthday gift one year to remind me that all things pass and one day life will go on and become normal again.
The purple orchid tree there on my side was a child of the one the neighbor planted.
When I see these things, I take great care to not just destroy the life.
Many would just pull it out without regard and miss out on the opportunity.
When a plant plants itself (with the exception of the foundation of the house) it remains until I can identify it.

The wild birds enjoy the cover that has grown from the scrap seed that falls.
This grows freely and then seeds in the late summer when it is so hot that going out and filling the feeder is not a joy :) (for me anyway)
So I am covered the self sowing feeds the wild birds in the heat of the season.
Birds are an important part of the manor.

all you see here is self planted.

With just this exception. These are heirloom sweet peas.

Having cover like this keeps wild birds of all types around.
They need a place to hide.
Many Inca dove coo and rest in the grasses here.

This seed stalk is hear now.
It is a gift. To me as well as to the wild birds.
How could I disregard that?

This week I found another Indian paint brush bush.
It is just a baby bush.

This is a bush that is native to my area. If I were to purchase this it would easily cost $40. at a nursery. It came to live here of it's own accord.
This has also self planted at my sidewalk just this week.
In the perfect place.

All of this self planted.
I watch and see it grow.

scattered of seed at my hand

Of the seeds I scattered ...
Click it to enlarge
See the bee

Bees are very important to the vegetable gardens in the back yard.

California poppies.
The seeds will be gathered at the end of season dried and then scattered in the fall.
Some things are worth waiting for.

The love of all life compels me to garden.
Although I have kept a Victorian (Edwardian) type garden with a hose this is a new venture in gardening.
Our former home (a 40 year old dwelling), of 16 years ,was built from the soil. It was that soil I loved and nurtured while I was without a child for many a long year.
I spent so much of my soul in that earth that when we moved It took a piece of me that was regained recently.
It has been of just this last year that the call of the earth spoke louder than all the distractions of the wonderful children I have been raising now for 10 years or so.
Now they are sound and my passion for gardening will have a large part of my heart and time to tend to it.
Gifts of life.
A rose given to me by a sweet friend bloomed this week.
It is a tee cup rose, very tiny.
In the desert life = water
We slow watered our beautiful tree...
It is the greenest one on the block.
Life needs love and care.
Those things we grow, cause growth in us.
For me the responsibility of all things living under my charge...well it makes me 'feel' alive.
I thrive in it.

In the way that I breath, I ask for my desires of the MASTER GARDNER.
Without Him I can grow nothing.
The life is in Him and from Him.

Last year I tried a hummingbird bush here.
It did not make it. I was not tending the earth with a whole heart yet.
I have awakened to the earth for a good 9 months now.
My heart desired a plant here.
Just this last week I notice this was not a weed.
It is a native desert plant that will have wonderful Yellow flowers that smell of hay.
Those yellow flowers are significant to me.
My husband is color blind. He can see yellow.
This is a gift that had both of our hearts in mind.
It blew in off the wind free, to grow where it was planted by the Master.

Bloom where your planted.
It is where your meant to be.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bliss is an Organic Graden with polinating bees.

This is my journey of
Organic Gardening in Zone 8, Arizona