Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seets to sprouts!

click image to enlarge them

A garden tour gave me great hope yesterday the plants were still alive
The celery made it through transplant and the heat of the day.

This morning the beets gave ruby hope to crops in the harvest of all this hard labor...
Planted 7 days...after soaking the seeds in water overnight

Yesterday the turnips were also part of the cure.
Indeed life goes on.
Planted 7 days before germination.

Under umbrellas the radish wished me good day yesterday and show growth in even this one day, planted 7 days ago

Joyfully the pan squash have survived under the sheet my MILove gave us.
I used it to give the shade that kept life in the 107* temperatures.

The radish delineate the parsnip row, but it will be weeks perhaps before the parsnips begin their assent to the heavens and the decent to the depths of long healthy root.

It is a joy and a encouragement to see life come to
BEE BLISS to me.
It has been a long way way too long hot summer.
This summer began with a goal for a garden extension.
The goal in progress is come to success!
I have kept my vision.