Wednesday, May 27, 2009

art in the garden, Gardenmate to go into the soil

We have had less than 15 weeds this whole time.
The straw on the ground is the key.
Once the tomato is done I will break down those rotted bails to add to the mulch.
I have a humus to add to the soil.
The name of the product is Gardenmate. It is a humic matter from New Mexico.
It is said the soil will better absorb nutrients.
The product was a bit costly $50.
I think however that the bennefits to the garden will well be invested with this purchace and addition to the soil.
I can not get the container open so I need help with that.
The bucket should do both garden and the extension in the fall.
We have adopted the wonderful tree sculpture for a garden trellis for the green beans in the fall.

Melons are growing strong.
I think that the neglect of trimming them at the 6 ft mark is a hindered to fruit set.
The whole of the garden is very low on fruit set.
The nutrients may be off.
I did see a man spraying a tree with something next door.
I have some concern he may have killed my bees.
I do hope not.
Very few bees around.
The addition of the nitrogen has saved that last cabbage. Ya! one out of the many.
It did serve well the hens for greens though.
I do have fruit set on the squash that came on its own, I did not plant him.
Several fruits.
He had just been hosed off.

The humis and the diet. Earth with be hoed into the soil for the fall grop.
After that the earth with be given a straw blanket to conserve the moisture.

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