Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A week in the earth.

Had a garden intruder in the beansGave him to the chickens they did not even want him around!
Once I pulled the carrots for Mondays meal this fellow came out of hiding.
Now that tree is a watermelon tree.
Who said that watermelons don't grow on trees

Sun and moon melon.
Over the weekend they just shot up in size.

This old cabbage is still trying to please us.
The aphids are very happy with him.
DE in the aphids diet...or said die it!

Now this is my idea of a good can of beans:)

This is the big butternut that I asked for and came via the compose a year later.
Funny how I remember those little prays and requests.
Sorta makes me stop and smile
You know it is going to be the best one ever!

Musk melon

Female flower

Pulled the last of the radish to add to the pasta salad for the trip.

Next big project.

This product served me well.


  1. What is a musk mellow? Are they easy to grow.. I am wanting to grow some melons but I have no idea what to plant!

    Love the pictures ! You are a hard working gal!

  2. I am still in AW over those purple green beans, I guess cause I've never seen them before, and the finding you found with your carrots...too sweet. I love that yellow female flower, goes to say..We do grow where we are planted. :) Hugs alway's Annette

  3. Planted me some musk mellow today! YEAH.. I will take pictures !

  4. What a beautiful garden....
    I love Musk Mellon....

    Good job:)


Someone bless these seeds I sow...