Saturday, October 9, 2010

Garden morning amending the earth

Many people ask me how to start their gardens.

Who needs a gym?!

Last year this was the process that began my garden extension

I recessed the main beds and transferring it to the raised bed stamping out the clumps...a water bath was used to try to soften the soil.

The North bed was salted with the amendments once the level was reached.
The compost added it will just take a bit of effort to keep breaking it up so it can get seeded.

It is looking much better.
The cucumber will get trained up the trellis and so they can be watched out the kitchen window.

Now with great interpretation I began the rigorous task of shifting the South extension bed into the center extension and to a pile out of the way.
The gecko population was awesome and the bellies were fat on all the lizards by the end of the time. The crickets and such were good feed for them all. I just love lots of lizards in my garden.

Use whatever motivation you can get!

water softened the earth as I gave it a gentle spray.

Now I considered a few more scoops of stone out of here but found myself compelled to set that South bed.

As I looked out on the yard with eyes of vision and hope it helped me not to feel too over loaded with duty.

So began I the task.
It was a challenge but I think I must be pretty stubborn

The earth is being salted with these things so far.
click to image enlarge

By then I thought my elbows are going to fall off.
My husband had a brain storm and told me the way to reset the block to make it a finished edge. So I turned all of the ones that I could and got a bit to sore of the joint to do much more of it.

After water and chopping at the beds it is improving
I have only two more weeks here to get these seeds in the earth


  1. I love seeing the WORK you put into your garden. Every day I drive by houses with manicured yards. I wonder how their yard can look like that and mine looks like mine. But I am so inspired by your pictures because my yard looks more like yours . . . a work in progress . . . and I like that. It might not always look pristine but it is my living project.

    And, like you say, there is always work for another day.

  2. Look at you go! You make me want to go outside and play in the dirt! No excuses here you are hotter than we are! Good work girl and when you get a minute tell me what you mean when you say you add salt? I need to know these things!


Someone bless these seeds I sow...