Thursday, August 20, 2009

Planting alterations!

This week Aug 21-26
( Aug 20 is the new moon never plant on the day of the new moon)
Borage seed East bed
Marigold seed East bed
Dill seed (bed not ready plant Sept 18-20) South bed extension East corner
Annuals seed
Lettuce seed indoors to transplant Sept 18 th

Aug 27-Sept 3th
Sweet Corn seed Sept 2&3 Center Main
Popping Corn seed Sept 2&3 Center Main

Sept 4-10
Get South bed finished
Get East Bed ready down to till for root crop

Sept 3-10
Beet seed ( must get ready can be done Oct 3-11, 17-25) South bed extension East corner
Parsnip seed (bed must get ready) East bed
Leek seed ( must turn it) Center Extention

Sept 4-24 plant
Radish seed (main garden must go down to till) East bed
Sweet William seed

Sept 18-24
Sept 19-24
(Never plant on a full moon)
Parsley(soak seed over night) East bed
Kale seed East bed
Parsnips (again) seed East bed
Radish (again) seed East bed
Basil seed in ground ( or put in the transplants Sept 18-30) East bed
Turnip seed East bed
Carrot seed East bed
Snap Dragon seed
Broccoli seed Center Extension bed
Leek (again) seed Center Extension bed
Broccoli raab seed Center Extension bed
Beet (again) seed South bed extension East corner
Swiss chard seed South bed extension
Spinach seed South bed extension
Dill (again) seed South bed extension East corner
Bok Choy seed South bed extension
Sage seed South bed extension
Thyme seed South bed extension
Cauliflower seed South bed extension
Mache corn salad seed (broad cast)
Lettuce seed
Alyssum seed

Sept 11-17

Oct. 1&2
Plant seed
Above ground with inside seed

Oct 3-11, 17-25
Radish seed East bed
Turnip seed East bed
Carrot East bed

plant onion seed Center Extension bed

Beet seed South bed extension

Oct 19-25
Cauliflower seed South bed extension

Oct 12-16

Aug 20
Seed to sow indoors
Celery to go out in 6-8 weeds?
Lettuce indoors to go out in Sept 18th-30th
Basil indoors East bed

Last night I studied the planting dates and the moon phases. I made a calender of sorts.
My own almanac. Remember the old Farmers Almanacks .?...I understand now...
This is sorta tricky stuff. Hard to wrap the brain around.
I now have my calender for this zone...1200 ft. above sea level...

The New Moon is today.
This is my schedule for the next 10 weeks I will try to explain...

My process was this

1. I marked all the seeds with the elevation proper dates to plant
2. Then I labeled the calendar color coded as to the moon phase indicators.
3. I went back and adjusted the plant date to correspond with the moon phase indicators.
4.In doing that I paid attention to the type of plant

a. above seed in
b. above seed out
c. root or bulb
d. transplant or sow
e. plant I took back the plant in ground seed or plant and calculated the date to put the transplant in ground and will set indoors those that are applicable.

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