Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas eve in the garden

 The Oranges over the wall are ready
I met the new neighbor who cut down the old fig tree and who will also be taking down the orange and a lemon tree. Good news of it is she said I could harvest the fruit.
 Dash gathered some for Christmas dinner
 Remembering to feed the wild birds is an act of kindness.
The wild foods are now parking lots and stores.
So They come to visit me and eat all the bad guys out of the garden as a thank you to me.
 The broccoli raab is flowering and Dash gave it a try.
The face  actually changed after he ate it and he likes it.
Better than the store bought for sure.
He also discovered kale and loved it too.
A radish harvest to serve at Christmas dinner.
As I sat in the rocker and trimmed the greens the dogs beg the imperfects and the trimming of the greens are a delight to the hens.
 This they just love
 At last a product to use for the powdery mildew.
Now perfume soap.

 The zucchini is suffering it.
 Carrots are thiving in their underground cave.
 The freezes are being kept away as I blanket it all every nigh.
It is like having babies again.
These are hung on the line to dry when the rains soak them or the dew refuses to dry.
I had a fun visitor in my garden with me we had a wonderful time of friendship.
I love having friends over who enjoy time in the garden with me.
My family gave me a family of gnomes for Christmas
Too fun!


  1. Girl you make me want to go dig in the dirt! Really........ Now I have spring fever!!!!!!!!!



    Happy New Year my green thumb friend! Happy New Year.

  2. I love organic gardening and am so glad to find someone else who does.

  3. Great pictures! You make me wish for spring!!! Karen


Someone bless these seeds I sow...