Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saving seeds.

My family walked at a nearby nature park.
It is densely planted with native zero scape (low water users) species.
Living in zone 7 these things considered will place you working in union with nature and not fighting against it for your wild flowers.

I gathered seed heads that had matured.
The flower spent, that has been pollinated. Once it dries you have seed.

My husband noted the joy he had at watching me gather the seeds.
This plant is scattered around the Indian paint brush, it looked to grow best as a nursed plant.
Nursery planting in the desert is to give a tender plant a hardy bush to shade it and to keep the harsh sun from burning it up. With a nursery set up many tender wild flowers will thrive.
Look to nature it will show you what it prefers.
I loved this one. My husband reminded me to take a picture of the plants so that I would have record.
This is bottle brush, I threw seed at the corder of the front.

The bottle Brush bush loved full on sun. It is so vivid!

The Bees have done a wonderful job for me.
Many seed heads on the poppy plants.
I am gathering them and then they will be set aside to dry.

Sun to your back when you work, a nice soothing warmth, and it is not in your eyes.

a Poppy seed head. Just pluck like a bean pod.
Hold the stem with endex and thumb and pop off the bean with your remaining fingers.

I will give new life to the plant.
Now it can focus its energy on flower again and so on...and so on..
The spinning wheel turns.

The vine out front is so wonderful. The heat is giving it a run for the money. I gathered the seed and then drew the vines up to the house for more shade.

A mornings gathering.
Note that by buying heirloom seeds if this is your practice...well you will have more than enough to spread the beauty and share it with others.
I have had a dream seeing my self as a sower of wild flower seeds. I see myself in dreams walking long country roads tossing the seed as I go.
It is like a legacy I long to leave the earth.

Speaking of saving seed.
By putting the feeders in the box before filling them with the wild bird seed,
I have little mess to sweep if any.
I also am able to just empty the box back into the bin.

I want to be a wild flower Johnny Apple seed.


  1. I live in zone 5 so you're lucky. We're still getting freezing weather here. Today it got up to 49. Easter was cold.

    I love glorifying God through my still life images with Bible verses.

    I meditated yesterday on a bit of a verse in Isaiah 55:10 - "that it may give seed to the sower..."

    In Volume 2 of the devotional book "Streams in the Desert" - the first sentence for February 3 says: "The life is not in the sower, but in the seed." (The devotional for that day was written by a M.P. Panton)

    And the seed is the Word of God.

  2. Hey girl..... I am just getting over here and love love it...... I have some area on my property that we are going to turn into a "wooded" area and not mow. It is a huge grove of trees and we felt that it would look good with just a nature tree fence around it and a safe harbor for birds ..... wonder what type of wild flowers I could put out there...... You are the smart one......... any suggestions?

    Love ya


Someone bless these seeds I sow...