Friday, May 1, 2009

Are you hungry?

Morning in the garden and I got the prize of the efforts to nibble on.
The Melon and the berries are doing very well
They need a bit of a breakfast them self.

you may recall the egg shell for the tomato

The cabbage bolted for lack of nitrogen.
I have learned now the importance of offering up the proper food.
Satisfy the belly and the heart of the life will flourish.
I saved the seeds today.

Plant by plant the cabbage is being harvested for seed then going over to the chickens as scrape feed.

Carrots are mighty happy.
So I feed the garden today.
I am taking down the pea poles and twine.
Now I'll better be able to tend the beans.
We are ready for a change up to beans.
The peas were struggleing with some powdery mildew. They were getting old and tired so I am removing them.
This soil is full of nitrogen from the peas, it is a by product.
So the plan is to plant the thing that needs high nitrogen here next.
Research, study and success.

Remember every living thing has a diet their very own.
Don't let them go hungry.
If They are going to feed us they need to eat too.

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  1. How wonderful......Feed them so they can feed us... and tell me again about the egg shells and the tomatoes? I am a student at the feet of a true gardener!


Someone bless these seeds I sow...