Thursday, May 14, 2009

On making Earth.

While doing my kitchen duties...I realized out in my yard in the compost bin...I am making earth...

This earth will feed my family, nurture the earth that I own (yet I know I do not own it.
I am a steward of the earth I tend As I am a steward of the children I raise, a friend to the man I love and walk with through this life.

I am making earth.

Does anyone else stop and think of how profound what we as gardeners pull life up and out of... see it?
To me it is like an honor to toil in the earth. See the seed emerge and flourish under our educated eye. What effort to understand and gain the knowledge to do so.

Next time I do cabbage I will understand her need. As I have began to understand my own needs. How seldom I stop to tend to the earth of mine own being. How to make it thrive. It is the garden that I live in that I so seldom attend too.

What an honor it is to tend to life.


  1. What a beautiful thought.. You are sooooooo right.. I tend to my flowers and my watermelon and squash and tomatoes with tender loving care.. BUT I leave my life to tend to it's self and most often it crashes till I pay it some attention... You are beautiful.......

  2. I need to take pictures of MY garden..... It is growing! Fancy that!


Someone bless these seeds I sow...