Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Onion storage after the harvest.

The bucket is the compost pot, the left greens are yet to be trimmed, greens in the colander need to be washed and used.
Time for some Mongolian beef...
After the harvest it is storage at the forefront of the mind.
The trimmed greens are like a green onion once cleaned of damaged lief. The stalk trimmed of any soft area makes for a good cooking green for kabobs.

Before I get to that I just thought I would be a miss to neglect....When you see the onions lay them self is harvest time. It is finished. The onion is ready.
This may be hastened if things get a bit too dry, or if the soil is tired.
I have been preparing a better understanding for next year...
root veggie=potash or 0-0-10,
10-0-0 for the leaf formation in the beginning.
Some soil deficiencies can cause issue.

So cut off the end and wrap in foil. Do not let them touch each other. Store in a cool dry place.
If you yield two types of onion those with the darker outer layers are best for a storage onion. The whiter the onion the shorter the storage. Some onions last a very , very long time.

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