Monday, June 22, 2009

The Butternut Squash Gift

This spring discovered was a beautiful growth that I did not plant.

Many months back in the grocery I saw my favored squash and weighed it...upon that I gently returned it to its post for I was not a willing soul to pay so much for it.
I remembered the thought I had had of how cool it would be to grow such a squash for myself.
I distinctly remembered it!

One day said growth adorned itself with a tell tell flower distinctive of its family of squash.
Still I did not know what it was for some time.
It looked perhaps at first like a summer squash and the year past I had one growing here.

After some time however it became plainly clear what I had growing.
Watching this gift to me grow meant so much to me.
Each day growing so fast that I stood pleased and amazed.

This week it became a part of our menu.
How good it is to eat the crop of your hand
and better yet to enjoy the gifts that are freely given to enjoy.

There are at least three more on the vine.
This is going to be the most memorable butternut squash of my life.


  1. This is so fantastic! I love it when magic happens in the garden. I need to think of the veggies I dream of volunteering. Apparently squash/vines do not do well here in TX (I didn't know that until I tried) because we have really bad vine borers. Some plants are more resiliant. I have given up on pumpkin but I wonder how butternut squash would fare?

  2. I have grown pumpkin and squash here in Ok... but your heat is dry heat I think..... We are humid... My tomatoe plants and cucumber plants are fighting to stay alive.... I think I am going to build a sun screen this evening to shield them from the west sun! Do you think that will work?

  3. I'm just learning to like butternut squash. That looks like a really good one!


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