Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fall preperations for the desert garden

Now the last of the harvest is in...
Time to get ready for the rains are coming.
Fall gardening here in the desert starts soon.
August 15th is the beginning of the most of it and then on September first the greater part of the seeds go in.

Soil turned and broken up
it will be amended with
Diatamatious earth
Need some peat moss may use straw
general feed.

Study study study
Then Succeed!

Will need yet to read up on cucumbers to see if they might like anything special
same with the squash

Far back is the NW corner
The very first thing to get ready for is the
summer squash
Pickling Cucumber
slicing cucumbers
With them I will plant the nasturtiums for pollination attraction of bees and to keep the bugs off of the cucumber

Center bed is getting ready for the
Sunflower to shade the cucumbers
sweet corn
will have
the pumpkin
growing under them for shade

on south of that is going in the peas
with some radish to grown to seed for added pollination

The center bed is doing very well.
That is where I found that carrot under the melon vine
The melon is going out of there and the earth turned under

see what it might like

Had a friendly lizard come ask what was going on.
He thanked me for stirring up all those spiders and such
The lizards will eat well today.

I am so pleased with this earth.
Folks that is just one good year of tending and look what it has become.

Now this corner 2 feet of it or so is pretty hard pan. No wonder the beans suffered it need a lot of compost.
I am not sure if you can see what I am doing.
This bed will become recessed a bit.
The purpose it that the water will flow into the bed and off of the path.
The water will be used much more efficiently.
This will be a 4x11 bed with a foot of hard pan at the house foundation.
Slinging that pick is a good work out.

I am amending my ways...hahahar

Now can you see it...?
Look with those eyes of the future...
Dug down 2 feet ! YEP! 2 feet!
This part of the addition will be my focus for August.
Set to plant September first.
Now that is a goal.

A beginning...

This metal is good for a magnetic board.
that is the technique for digging out a french raised bed.
It is a 3 foot wide and 12 foot long trench that will be shifted over as it is dug down in foot wide sections that are lifted onto the former dug row and so forth.

Inch by inch
row by row
someone bless these seeds I sow.

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Someone bless these seeds I sow...