Monday, July 27, 2009

Newspaper pots for seelings

Make a small pot out of newspaper for your seedlings. This is brilliant!
Thanks to Frugal Luxuries by the season for pointing this out.

Small Space Organic Vegetable Gardening
This is an inspiring gardener


  1. I must try that! I am going to keep this and try this next spring...... I buy those little pots every year and this will save money and it rots in the ground.......... Soooooooooo glad you found this!

  2. I absolutely love this gardening blog. You give us sooo much goood informatiion. I live where it is hot too. I have one question. I see you do not put any dates on your posts. They just string together. I wanted to refere back to one or the other and had to scan pages and pages to find it. I was also going to refer my friend to a post about a garden problem he has and didn't cause he may not be able to find it without dates as reference. Is there a reason you do not have dates? Just wondering. Jody

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