Sunday, August 2, 2009

Free Gazebo A gift of kindness

Saturday afternoon as the heat died down ...
We were called out to the yard to tend for the care of it and the assembly of the gazebo. We were given the gazebo through the free stuff on Craigs List

As the afternoon took mercy on us with a bit of shade I tended the dogie dung and the sweet man who loves me more than the air around us...we some times that is just how it is.:)
Well he began the assembly.
I cleared out the garden extension and put all the bricks over the gate, and the tools away. He then mowed and I tended a few little tasks in the garden plot.

The tarpon is tattered and torn on the corners of the copula.
We decided to remove it
Another day we can get the cover on the rest of the gazebo. I do have my eye on a new trap that is $150. but I am rather hesitant to purchase it just yet.

We called the kids out to assist us in the placement.
It was getting dark fast
We He and I , finished up after the dark of night fell upon us.

We adjusted the placing to be centered on the roof line of the house.
It is just the begining. You'll need to have eyes of the future...greenery and growth.

We will be moving the composts and the straw bails once the garden planting is on.
Still much work to do as far and final touches
I would love to disguise the water tank and the a/c unit.
In time.
I see the gazebo as a out door kitchen of sorts.
Once the harvests come in then the greens and trimming will go into the compost there and I would love a wash tup for the cleaning off of all soils before going inside.
The other use some day...a camping stove set up to can outside.
Perhaps a work bench and a potting table.

The moon was so pretty last night

The wheel barrel is full of another load of transferred clumps from the existing garden for I am still recessing the beds a bit. Those blocks await the next purchase of liner cloth for the bed to the right against the wall. In time. I will be transferring most of the stack there now into the raised bed. The composted earth there rests under a mound of straw. It will be transferred and I trust the brick I will need will come in it's due time.
Then the gate will be a clear view through.
I think it will be beautiful
Imagine with me.


Someone bless these seeds I sow...