Friday, August 7, 2009

Planting center bed main garden

Good morning
So this day begins with planting a trellis to grow the winter squash vertically.
After watching several U Tube video's This sounds like a great way to go.
The trellis still needs a little repair but it is in. It will yet need to be secured and made to be a little more sound for the squash will become very heavy.
The trellis was a gift from my husbands folks...

Study! now the summer squash do not need to have the seeds soaked overnight
However the winter do, as do the peas and beans.

Center bed has a long list of seeds going in.

Beginning far north center bed.
the sunflowers went in yesterday...

Squash Winter Vegetable Spaghetti cucurbita maxima HEIRLOOM
90 days due....
Some sprouted Aug 13

The other side of the trellis will be
Butternut a gift from the earth last year unknown variety

The hill is
Pumpkin big Max Cucurbita maxima
120 day due.....
Sprouted Aug 13

Down center three rows 12 inches apart
Corn Sweet (se) Bodacious Lea Mays var rugosa (hybird)
75 days Due....
A few sprouted Aug 13

Outer edge along both long sides
Cosmo Bright Lights Blend Cosmos Sulphureus

Three foot tall butterflies

Outer edge to the right (e)
Bean Pole Blue Lake Phaseolus vulgaris
60 days due....
Some more to transplant soaked and inoculated in kitchen widow sill still growing Aug 16

Front of bed on pea poles
Pea Shelling Progress #9 Pisum sativum HEIRLOOM
58 day due 2nd wk of Oct.
Not planted yet still growing in inoculate at window sill to be transplanted
Aug 16th

Under the peas
Turnip Purple Top White Globe Brassisa rapa HEIRLOOM
50 day due last wk of Sept.
Not planted yet

Undecided due to space
carrot and radish

chopped the clods and mixed int the mulch/manure

mixed in compost too

Gardeners gold!
This is a good yield happily
It was a bit too neglected during the bad heat...

so rich!

Here I amended again with my mixture (see yesterdays post) NO NITROGEN this is a low nitro bed.

Using the window This image shoes the corn row ending.

The cosmos will keep the corn safe and add pollinators

Going on three hours of labor and the heat is too much for me.

Peas, squash and beans
seeds to soak overnight.

Tomorrow is another day in the garden this one is heading inside.

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